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A few things to know before attending classes

We ask that you:

Those arriving late will not be admitted into class and leaving early is not advised. Never leave the class during meditation or savasana.
As well as honoring Eastern tradition, you will keep the floor you’ll soon be practicing on clean.
Allow at least three hours after eating before practicing yoga. Food may be taken 40 minutes after completing asanas.
If you have your phone with you, please keep it by the changing rooms on silent mode or off. We understand that emergency situations may arise; please speak to someone at the front desk if you are in an on-call situation.
Wear modest comfortable clothes. Long baggy pants are not recommended. You may choose to wear footless tights or shorts. Bare feet are essential.
Please refrain from wearing any perfume, lotion and heavy jewelry.
If you have any medical conditions or special physical needs including pregnancy, or are recovering from an illness, consult your physician before attending and let your teacher know as well.

Lost and found items are in a small box in changing room and kept there for about two weeks.

Let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions!