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Cedar Barrel-Mini Sauna

Cedar barrel (phyto barrel) is a unique national method of healing the human body with herbal steam made from the collection of medicinal herbs that helps cure many ailments.
The highest level of therapeutic compounds contributes to the filling of the capillaries with blood, full disclosure of the sweat pores and the sebaceous glands that leads to the maximum excretion of toxins and salts, with subsequent absorption of therapeutic compounds. As a result, it cleanses the body at the cellular and tissue level, normalizes metabolism and improves the function of all organs and systems that leads to healing and rejuvenation. Cedar barrel restores mental and physical strength, increasing endurance and immunity. After the procedure in a cedar barrel, you feel relaxed, your skin is cleansed, your body weight is reduced and also your cellulite.??.

Combine pleasure and usefulness and be healthy!

Description of the procedure

Before the beginning of the procedure, the temperature in the cabin of the phyto barrel is set individually for you. You enter the cabin when the temperature inside is already 44 – 45 C’. The duration of your stay inside mini-sauna is about 10-15 minutes.

Compared to the traditional sauna cedar mini-sauna has three important advantages:

  1. Your head is outside the barrel, which makes it impossible for heat to impact on the cerebral vessels and respiratory system.
  2. In the mini-sauna, the relative humidity reaches 100%, which creates the effect of a “Russian bath”.
  3. The beneficial effects of the phyto-barrel are almost like getting a herbal medicinal mask for your whole body.

    While you are in the mini-sauna, your skin is not only cleansed but also saturated with moisture, unlike traditional saunas with “dry steam”. Moisturizing the skin becomes suppler and elastic, maintaining youthfulness and a well-groomed appearance for years to come. The healing properties of essential balms and herbs are also added to the wet steam which are used during the procedure. After leaving the phyto barrel, when your muscles are sufficiently warmed up, you will be offered a variety of massages.

   After the cedar barrel process or after the massage you can take a shower. The final stage of the phyto sauna session is relaxation. While you sit back and relax, we treat you to our herbal tea.
During the time when you rest and drink herbal tea, your body cools down after warming up in a phyto sauna and takes your usual temperature. When you have cooled down, you dress. The treatment is completed.
We issue disposable bed sheets and napkins, which are included in the price. You are only requested to bring a towel.

The cost of procedures:

Cedar barrel 1 procedure-5.000 dram/15 minutes.

Recommended course is 10 sessions. The cost of 10 cedar barrel procedures is 40.000 dram.

To achieve the best effect from the treatment it is recommended to complete the cedar barrel process with any kind of massage.

• Deep tissue massage
• Therapeutic massage (local, with honey for osteochondritis)
• Reflexology massage (hands, feet, cervical spine)
• Anti-cellulite massage

Treatment time up to 1 hour 10 minutes, cost – 15.000 dram

Effects on the body

   Nervous system: when taking the procedure the functional properties of the nervous system change, namely the speed, severity and the duration of reactions. There is an activation of the neuroendocrine system, which leads to the release of a large number of hormones at all levels, producing the body’s resistance to stress.
Cardiovascular system: there is an expansion and increase in the number of functioning capillaries, it accelerates venous blood flow facilitating in the flow of blood through the arteries.
Respiratory system: it increases the consumption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide which is 100 times more than in normal atmospheric air, while you simultaneously inhale the herbal vapours. The phyto barrel reduces the swelling of mucous membranes, spasm of the airways and it expands the bronchi therefore relaxing the respiratory muscles.
Skin: the procedure results in the release of toxins and poisonous substances. During regular visits to phyto barrel it manifests a rejuvenating cosmetic effect, cellulite is also treated.
Muscular system: phyto barrel reduces muscular fatigue, whilst seated it reduces the performance of the muscles therefore activating the regenerative processes in the muscles.
Joint and ligaments: it increases joint mobility and also improves the elasticity of skin in the articular-ligamentous apparatus. Phyto barrel helps to reduce periarticular swelling, as it increases the outflow of venous blood and lymph it helps to restore normal joint function.

  Intense sweating removes excess stress on the kidneys, regulates water and electrolyte balance in the body. In phyto barrel the activity of the adrenal cortex, thyroid, sexual organs are stimulated, it intensifies metabolism and increases the number of different necessary trace elements in the blood due to the loss of excess fluid. The complex of procedures actively influences on the metabolism, enhancing mineral, gas and protein metabolism, it promotes the excretion of nitrogen, inorganic phosphorus and sodium, chloride, urea, uric acid, lactic acid after the exercise.

  The influence on penetrating warm vapor, saturated with biologically active substances, stimulates blood circulation in the skin, enlarges and cleans pores, removes top dead layer of skin, the skin is refreshed, smooth, supple and elastic. So necessary cosmetic treatments for the skin deep cleansing is achieved, preparing it for more complete perception of various cosmetics. Because of this impact, a number of skin diseases can be eliminated: various rashes, acne, pimples etc. Certainly, the complexion improves and the skin looks younger.

  Cedar barrel effectively solves the problem of excess weight, as the active process of sweating requires considerable energy costs: a 15 minutes session allows you to burn 900 calories, which is comparable to a 10-mile jog.
Even those who cannot stand high temperatures in the sauna or Russian bath can use the cedar barrel mini sauna, because the head being outside is not subjected to heating. This means you can breathe and there is no pressure on the blood vessels.